NEW! Excepta® Next-Gen appliances


Excepta® Next-Gen appliances powered by Quest®

Quest Software Inc. and Excepta B.V. partnered for QoreStor, Rapid Recovery and NetVault appliances. The new EQ-series replace the previously known DL- and DR-series and introduces the brand new NetVault appliances!
EQ-series will be delivered with pre-installed Quest software and there are models for all business requirements ranging from SMB to high performance Enterprise.

The EQ-series are standard equipped with various security technologies, like Multi-Factor Authentication and Threat Detection and Response, that ensure  they are armed against ransomware attacks. For larger appliances we even have firewall integration to lock down the entire backup and DR enviroments. This technology is delivered by our Security partner WatchGuard technologies.

The appliances are easily expandable and more features can be added using the pre-installed software such as, backup for Microsoft Office365, backup for G-Suite, Quest Recovery Manager for Active Directory (FE or DRE), pro-active monitoring and alerting, replication to public or our Excepta Cloud.

The Excepta Next-Gen EQ-series are one of the most complete, secure and powerful BDR solutions on the market for Quest Software products today!