QoreStor appliances


Excepta QoreStor appliances

The EQ-series appliances are designed to provide Quest QoreStor software a new powerful and reliable hardware platform. The new EQ-series replace the previously known DR-series. Why Next-Gen? Add optional features such as ransomware detection to the appliance and it becomes a more secure and powerful backup, disaster recovery appliance.

There is an appliance for every organization and market without compromising on quality and performance. Excepta works with Enterprise-grade solutions that even fit SMB at affordable prices.

Excepta appliances are validated by Quest Software Inc.!


Next-Gen deduplication and compression appliances

The EQ-series Qorestor appliances introduce many new features, including the unique ability to dedicate a high-speed disk area that can be deduplicated without sacrificing recovery speed. The Performance Tier allows high-speed disk to be used for fast backups and instant recovery without losing its deduplication capability. This means the high-performance tier won’t take up any extra storage.

In order to meet your organization requirements, the EQ-series are equipped with SAS, SSD or even NVMe disks. And with the EQ-series storage models growth is almost unlimited.

You can rely on the EQ-series to do the job and ensure fast and efficient recovery in case of an emergency situation!

Quest QoreStor software

The EQ-series QoreStor appliances is the evolution of the DR Series, founded on over 10 years of data compression, encryption and deduplication at a 20:1 ratio, that represents choice in the secondary storage market. QoreStor continues to be backup-vendor-agnostic, with support for 11 of the leading backup products in the market today, Including Quest NetVault , Quest vRanger , Veeam and Commvault.

EQ-series are powered by Quest Software: our back-up and disaster recovery partner!

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Replicate directly to the cloud for long-term retention and disaster recovery

If slow and inconsistent WAN connections make it challenging to use the Cloud for long-term retention and disaster recovery, QoreStor has you covered. It replicates only unique data to the Cloud, reducing the replication window by 10-15x and lowering network bandwidth requirements by 85%. You can also extend any QoreStor instance to Cloud-native storage on AWS or Azure Blob Storage.

Faster backups and immediate recovery to, and from, the cloud

Your stakeholders have no tolerance for system downtime due to backups. The QoreStor Cloud recovery model addresses this unequivocally by extending its footprint into cloud-native storage where its intelligent recovery pulls data locally before pulling backup data stored in the Cloud. Not only is recovery significantly faster, Cloud egress costs are lower. QoreStor also accelerates data ingest by up to 20 terabytes per hour using protocol accelerators and client-side deduplication where only unique data chunks are sent over the LAN or WAN.



Threat management

Malware threats continue to turn their focus on small and midsized businesses and distributed enterprises, with no end in sight. But with constrained resources and a limited budget, how are these organizations going to win the fight against advanced attacks?
The Excepta hardware leverages multiple methods of detection to catch known and unknown threats. Through the correlation and prioritization of network, endpoint and threat intelligence event data, users can confidently respond to the most severe attacks before damage is done.

Your backup solution is the last resort in a company’s IT. Total malfunction needs to be prevented using latest generation protection software!



For every business a high-end quality appliance

There are several standardized models that can be moderated to your organizations specific needs. High-end quality appliances matching every budget.


Designed for small offices, stores, small production companies, workplaces and institutions

Quick and Easy installation and self-manageable or outsources


Designed for midsized companies with branch offices, store chains and municipalities 

Data depending organizations with striclty limited downtime requirements or fast growing data footprints


Designed for large and enterprise, (multiple) datacenter(s), domestic and foreign branch offices, (semi-) government agencies

When high performance, availability and IT-continuity are top priority